About Me

Hello, and welcome.

I’m Samantha Dee, a founding member and Chief Technology Officer at DiscoverYourPathU LLC (‘#DYPU’). I have been an I.T. specialist for the past twenty years, and recently briefly put it on hold to become a qualified Life Coach specializing on body image and self esteem. As well as Life Coaching, I am also a Mindfulness Master-Practitioner with additional studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (‘CBT’) and Counselling. I’ve also written two books and speak on various panels and live discussions around the Internet.

It seems a shame to give up all that I.T. savvy, and so this is just another facet of my skills which I intend to continue with. I have written courses for #DYPU which I describe in other pages, but I also offer mini single-subject courses for online businesses as well as one-to-one tech sessions and I also take on whole projects, if you can’t face doing it yourself.

Since I have such a head for #tech, I answered my #calling2excellence and stepped up as CTO and part of DYPU Business School, which continues to be a phenomenal success with my TECH-101, 201 and 301 courses.

Depending on how you like to learn (or whether you want someone else to do it for you) I can take care of you right up to that first client.

I also bring the funny, I won’t lie! Best regards, Sammy.

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