Individual Mentoring & Accountability Programs

One of my most popular talents is Mentoring and Accountability for Individuals who might be procrastinating about a business change, designing a new service, modernizing their website, or have just gone down a bit of a rabbit hole.

Hourly Services

For those who'd rather engage me to complete a task you're stuck on, or just can't face doing - I'm happy to be engaged by the hour.

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Corporate Classrooms

Live workshops are an amazing way to prepare employees for an upcoming tech change, answer any questions they may have about changes that have been implemented.

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Site Management

Let Nitty-Gritty manage your WordPress site for you. Regular backups, bug fixes, changes to content, keep add-ons up to date. Prices are based on hrs per week. A subscription is required.

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By popular demand, mini courses (affectionately named 'techie tens') are short, single subject step-by-step courses on a single subject, aimed at enhancing the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced TECH courses.

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One to One Services

If pre-recorded courses aren't particularly in line with your learning style, I can also offer online training by the hour on any subject relating to online business startups and associated tech.

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